This March the El Gordo Extraordinaire draw is back in celebration and support of Father’s day and all dads and grandads out there. As we celebrate the luck of the Irish we check out this game and ways to make Saint Patrick’s day special. As a way to celebrate, a special offer of 50% off all tickets is available for a short time to the €105M lotto.

Although we celebrate Patrick’s day every year, you may not know as much about this mythical man as you may think. Just like the El Gordo lottery, there are layers to Saint Patrick and the celebration that we don’t always see below the surface.

The Hidden Parts of Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick has lost some of the original stories over the years, but most people know he was an Irishman that drove the snakes from the land and freed the people of Ireland. It may be fun to learn, however, that Saint Patrick was actually originally from Wales, kidnapped as a child and brought to Ireland. His missionary work in Ireland however, is what people know about him most.

The Tradition of Saint Patrick and Its Beginning in America

The Saint Patrick’s parade is a well-known staple of festivities in the US, with several cities taking part, including dyeing the river green and celebrating in the streets, both Americans and Irish Americans alike. The first St. Patrick’s day in the US was celebrated in New York City in 1762 as a way to celebrate the Irish soldiers serving in the army. Today the parade is held as a symbol of inclusivity and an international celebration of Irish cultural significance and history, welcoming Irish immigrants over the eras to the plains of North America.

The March El Gordo and the Luck It Brings

Saint Patrick’s day is seen as a day of luck and good fortune. If you have your lucky clover handy, you may want to consider testing your luck with the great March lotto coming from Spain. One fun fact about Saint Patrick’s day is that the first recorded celebration actually took place in the sunny Mediterranean during 1601 in a Spanish colony under the direction of the colony’s Irish vicar, Ricardo Artur. This link is profound as we talk about the luck of El Gordo itself and why people continue to flock to these special draws around the year. The El Gordo draws actually have the best odds of any lottery around. This luck happens because on average, 1 in 3 tickets bought will receive a prize. In March, the El Gordo celebrates fatherhood, as in Spain Father’s day falls in the month of March. If you are reading this in a panic, fear not, Father’s day in the UK and North America is on 19th June. If you’re reading from New Zealand or Australia, you don’t have to worry until September!

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