A lottery Quick Pick, also known as Q.P or Fast Play is an easy way to play your favourite lotteries without needing to pick individual numbers for each separate draw. If you don’t want to pick your numbers or worry about the pressure of choosing the right numbers and following strict lotto strategies or prediction techniques and would prefer to instead let true luck take charge, the Quick Pick option may be for you.

The Technique of Playing Quick Pick Tickets

Most people who play the lottery do so by picking their own numbers. But did you know that you can also play the lottery by using a Quick Pick? Quick Picks are random numbers generated by a computer, and many people find them to be a more fun and exciting way to play. The advantage of generating your own random numbers for lottery tickets offers several assets. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that you can ensure that the numbers are truly random, unlike even choosing random numbers yourself, as filling out a lottery slip can be biased as the eye naturally is inclined to look towards the centre of vision and focus on middle numbers rather than really spanning across the board.

Do Quick Picks Really Have Better Odds?

When you buy a ticket for a lottery game draw you need to decide whether to select your own numbers or to select the Quick Pick option which means the numbers are automatically assigned to you at random based on an RNG formula.

But which method works better? Are you more likely to win if you let the computer decide, or is it better to make your own luck and press on with your chosen numbers that are special to you?

The Quick Pick strategy is one of the most effective lottery strategies because it can be applied to any game out there. If you are someone that likes to play several lines, it certainly is a time-saver to use the Fast Play choice over anything else. Statistics show that around 70%-75% percent of tickets sold in North America were chosen through playing Quick Picks. This means that of the winners out there, more tickets were claimed with random number assignments than deliberately previous chosen digits.

The Benefits of Playing a Lottery Quick Pick

Using Quick Pick Terminals has an obvious advantage: Time. You can’t go wrong. It’s fast, convenient and has the potential to generate more tickets easily. No need to find the right time or energy to run the numbers, with the stroke of a pen or tap of the phone your choices are sorted automatically with none of the work.

It’s generally encouraged with larger ranged draws that the Q.P method works to people’s advantage, which makes sense. If you take a lottery like Powerball for example, this game has a number range of 1 to 69 (nice) which means you can’t use the birthday method or the calendar method and it’s also pretty difficult to keep track of the hot and cold numbers because there are so many choices in your decision. One number may not have come out in months, but do you risk playing it or do you stick to warmer numbers?

With lotteries that have a lesser reach like Thunderball which only has 39 numbers to choose from you could make the argument that picking your own numbers does work, you just have to factor in those 8 extra numbers to any method you might want to play.

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