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How to play SuperEnalotto – Italy’s favourite game online 

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This Italian lottery has been a staple in Italy for over 70 years! Currently, it is the biggest European lottery of all time, with a world record for the biggest lotto jackpot in history.

To play SuperEnalotto with All The Best Lottos, you need to pick a choice of 6 numbers, ranging from 1 to 90. When the lottery results are drawn, the ticket is automatically assigned an extra number, known as the Jolly, which offers a special added bonus to the prize category.

Do I need to be Italian to play SuperEnalotto?

One of the biggest questions on search engines is whether people that don’t live in Italy can play SuperEnalotto?

The answer is a resounding YES! Everyone can play SuperEnalotto via a dedicated web service provider, you do not need to be an Italian resident to buy a ticket for this lottery!

Since the dawn of the world wide web, it has never been easier to play lotteries outside your country of residence. Lottery services have lottery agents standing by to help you play the lottery of your choice!

Where is the best place to play this lottery?
If you live outside of the Italian peninsula, you will not be able to frequent your local retailer to buy a ticket. But fear not, there is one way you can play SuperEnalotto, by playing online and taking advantage of the good old internet.

Until a few years ago it was impossible to play any lotteries unless you happened to live in a certain country, but thanks to modern-day advancements it’s easy to play some brand new, never before played lotteries around the world.

The first place you should try if you want to buy a ticket is a reliable online ticket service website. Good lottery services have dedicated teams of experts that analyse lotteries everywhere so they can see which ones are giving their customers the best odds to win. Valued services only select lotteries that have proven winning histories, like SuperEnalotto, which has been running since just after the second world war.

How to Win SuperEnalotto: Increase your chances today

If you, like many people who are excited about the latest draw, then you are probably looking for ways to increase your odds of winning the jackpot. The best way to play is to check the latest hot and cold numbers to see how lucky you can make your ticket become. Remember, if the jackpot is large, more people will think about playing. Keep your edge by playing with a Syndicate for more chances to win, or choose a bundle to play in advance and keep ahead of the curve.

What are the SuperEnalotto Results today?

Check out our main site to see all the lottery results that were drawn today. SuperEnalotto is drawn on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8pm EST. To see the latest results, check out our breakdown of the best lottery numbers weekly!

What are the Hot and Cold numbers for SuperEnalotto?

It is always important to check which numbers are trending between lottery draws. These are commonly known as hot and cold numbers and are crucial to know when it comes to seeing the latest results for each lotto you like to play. In this case, these numbers will be updated 3 times weekly shortly after the draw has concluded.

Current trending numbers for SuperEnalotto




Times Seen Overall*


Last Seen




8th June 2021



15th May 2021



27th May 2021



25th May 2021



12th June 2021



18th May 2021



12th June 2021



10th June 2021

*Based on the past 100 draws


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When is the SuperEnalotto draw?

All draws take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Lotto results are displayed on the website and also at our Lottery Online Results history.

The minimum jackpot for SuperEnalotto is €2 million. Currently, the draws roll over until the jackpot is won, which means this is a long haul lottery that can have some pretty hefty payouts, although you have to wait a while for the jackpot to really build up. 



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