Our all-new updated guide to The Summer Holiday El Gordo lottery will bring you up to speed on everything coming your way this July. Let’s find out why this lottery is one you don’t want to miss!


One of the most important events on the Lottery calendar is finally here! The Spanish Summer Holiday Lotto Draw 2023, also known as the July Extraordinary Holiday Draw or The Summer “El Gordo” Draw.

However you name it, you have to know is that this special raffle packs BBQ flamed prizes to create an unforgettable summer fiesta for all! Check out all the ways to win below so you know how to participate in this raffle and see what prizes are on offer.

The 2023 National Lottery Summer Holiday Draw Extraordinaire
On Saturday 1st July 2023, the Spanish Summer Holiday National Lottery draw will be held.

This highly regarded hot weather raffle will dish out a grand total of 140 million euros in prizes so, if you would like to be one of the winners, get your ticket now at All the Best Lottos!

Summer Gordo 2023: A Closer Look

While there is so much to learn about Summer Gordo, here are the most important facts to remember about Spain’s sizzling summer raffle!

  1. El Gordo De Verano is the world’s biggest summer lottery event
  2. It’s drawn every year on the first weekend of July in Madrid (this year it’s on 1st July!)
  3. Your chances of winning a prize are better than 1 in 3
  4. You have a 1 in 100,000 chance of winning the first-tier prize of €2 million
  5. There are hundreds of thousands of prizes to win
  6. 100,000 tickets are issued with numbers between 00,000 – 99,999
  7. Each ticket is divided into 10 sections known as “decimas”
  8. Players can buy a full ticket or a single ticket
  9. The jackpot total is worth €140M euros this year
  10. You can buy tickets online and at local retailers

When, Where, How and What. The FAQ to end all nagging questions about El Gordo Verano Summer Lotto
When is the draw?

The Spanish Summer Holiday National Lottery draw is held on Saturday 1st July 2023.

Spain's Summer Holiday Lottery - “El Gordo Verano!”

Where is the draw?

All El Gordo draws take place in Madrid, Spain.

How can I play?

You can play this great summer raffle today by buying your personal ticket. No need to choose your numbers, the ticket is already printed out!

What is this lottery?

Spain’s Summer Holiday Lottery is the hottest lottery of July! Worth €140 million euros!

Why is it called El Gordo? I thought that was only for Christmas 🤔

Although this lottery is called “El Gordo Verano” don’t let it be confused with its popular Christmas counterpart! This El Gordo, whilst still being a big lottery only takes place in summer, to be precise the first Saturday of July, annually!

2023 Summer Holiday Lottery Giveaway Prizes

With a single ticket, known as a “tenth” in Spain you will have access to multiple prizes awarded by this Spanish National Lottery draw. A first prize tier in 2023 is an incredible 20 million euros with a full ticket, but, if you don’t snag the big jackpot, you’ll still be able to get your hands on one or more of the abundant prizes this lottery has to offer. Take a look at our breakdown of what prizes are waiting for you!

Among the top prizes available, the following are up for grabs:

Special Jackpot Prize (El Gordo):
20,000,000 euros for any ticket that matches the five serial digits, plus the “series” and the “fracción” on the ticket.

First Tier Prize:
2,000,000 euros for a full book ticket, or 200,000 euros for a single ticket that matches the five serial digits.

Second Tier Prize:
600,000 euros for a full book ticket, or 60,000 euros for a single ticket that matches the five serial digits.

Third Tier Prize:
200,000 euros for a full book ticket, or 20,000 euros for a single ticket that matches the five serial digits.

The multiple prizes available in the Summer Holiday draw also offer great opportunities to win. Among the draw tiers, the following prizes are waiting to be won:

  • 3 digit match: 1000 euros for a full book ticket or 100 euros for a single ticket.
  • 2 digit match: 400 euros for a full book ticket or 40 euros for a single ticket.
  • A 1st Second Chance Win of 2 prizes for the 5 digit numbers before and after the first-tier prize: €8000 for the full book ticket, €800 for a single ticket.
  • A 2nd Second Chance Win of 2 prizes for the 5 digit numbers before and after the second-tier prize: €4300 for the full book ticket, €430 for a single ticket.

In addition to the main prizes, there are many others to be won that will help make your summer even more enjoyable. This Saturday 1st July we will be able to see the results of the Summer Holiday Draw and know which are the lucky numbers this year.

Probability of winning the National Holiday Lottery draw

The odds of winning some of these prizes from the holiday draw are very high since, as it is a special summer draw, the chances to win increase exponentially. With a 70% payout ratio, Summer Gordo is designed to create multiple winners! There are hundreds of thousands of prizes to win and 17 astonishing prize categories. With a single ticket, your summer can change for the better. Remember, it only takes one try to hit the jackpot, so the only thing stopping you is not giving it a go. Good luck in the draw!


No Prize Left Behind Means Higher Chances to Win

With El Gordo Lotteries, chances to win are higher because all the tickets are predetermined. We decided to get a closer view of why so many tickets win with this lotto.

Summer El Gordo 2023 playing methods
While many people take part in the El Gordo Summer Holiday Lottery, the format is slightly different to a regular lottery. The El Gordo games actually operate more like a raffle. There are 100,000 tickets printed out each year, with numbers ranging from 00,000 to 99,999.

Spain’s National Lottery “El Gordo del Verano” has multiple sets of full tickets, known as “billetes”, which are issued 10 times. This means multiple people might have the same ticket number, but they will win prizes according to the ‘series’ their ticket belongs to.

Each ticket is made up of 10 equal parts known as “decimas.” This means that players don’t need to buy the full ticket if they don’t want to. They can get a share of a ticket instead!


Common Terms you see with El Gordo Lotteries in Spanish

  • Billete: A lottery ticket. Divided into 10 sections of the same code that belong to the same full ticket. The drawing consists of 170 full tickets and there are 170 single tickets for every number.
  • Décimo: One-tenth of a lottery ticket.
  • Número: The main five-digit number of a billete, décimo or participación.
  • Participación: A smaller fraction of a Décimo. Many small businesses or even some individuals buy décimos and then divide each of them into a certain number of participaciones for others to purchase.
  • Serie: A set of billetes with the same número. Each serie consists of 100,000 billetes.


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