The prizes from the National Lottery Special: Saint Valentine 2022 can be collected from today 15th February. There is a three-month deadline from 15th February 2022 to collect all lottery prizes.

The draw took place at 9 p.m. in the Spanish capital of Madrid and the prizes were drawn in order, from the smallest prizes to the largest. This is different from the El Gordo Christmas Lottery, where the prizes are drawn at random and the jackpot prize can appear at any time.

The El Gordo Saint Valentines 2022 Lottery Draw distributed €105M million euros in prizes. The first prize went to number 07.221, which went to Barcelona, ​​Cádiz, Cuenca, Granada, the Balearic Islands, León, Leganés, Madrid, Navarra, Pontevedra, Santa Cross of Tenerife and Valencia. The winners will receive a prize of €130,000 euros for each tenth.

The second prize number was 54.351, which went to Oviedo, Asturias, Barcelona, ​​Cádiz, Castellón, and Madrid with a prize of €25,000 euros for the tenth and the Single Ticket Special Prize of 07.221, series 8, fraction 7 with a prize of €15,000,000 euros for the unique tenth that is randomly chosen.

Lottery Prize Breakdown

 Prize Level

Prize per Billete (Ticket)

Prize per Decimo (Tenth)

Saint Valentine 2022 Winning Numbers

Single Ticket Special Prize



07221 (s8.f7)

Tier 1 “El Gordo” (Match 5 numbers)




Tier 2 (Match 5 numbers)





Tier 3 (Match 4 numbers)



6080, 9083, 5839, 4346 & 0347

Tier 4 (Match 3 numbers)



095, 385, 672, 448, 846, 067, 904, 666, 638, 963, 645, 885, 786, 827 & 640

Tier 5 (Match 2 numbers)



15 & 34


Match the 5 digit tickets before and after the Tier 1 prize



07220 & 07222

Match the 5 digit tickets before and after the Tier 2 prize



54350 & 54352

Match the first 3 digits of the Tier 1 prize




Match the first 3 digits of the Tier 2 prize




Match last 3 digits of the Tier 1 prize




Match first 2 digits of the Tier 1 prize




Match the last digit of the Tier 1 prize




Last digit (first special extraction)




Last digit (second special extraction)




Last digit (third special extraction)




Total Breakdown: 3,485,100 Tickets Won!

How the Lotería Nacional Saint Valentine draw works

The Lotería Nacional Saint Valentine Special works with a system of five different drums. There is a drum (with 10 balls, from 0 to 9) for each of the five numbers in the tenth and another drum with the amount of the prizes. After each round, the numbers are replaced. The draw begins with the lowest prizes, five two-digit withdrawals, 14 three-digit withdrawals and two four-digit withdrawals, before then drawing the main prizes in order of third, second and the first prize, which is known as El Gordo (The Fat One).

Patrons could buy tickets for this lottery until 7 p.m., 2 hours before the draw takes place. Although it is often advised to buy tickets fast as certain numbers are snapped up pretty fast.

Although this lottery does not distribute as many prizes or as large as El Gordo de Navidad, in the Saint Valentine Special you have more chances to win because the prizes are distributed more compared to the larger jackpot lottery. Last Christmas, €2,408 million euros was dispensed in prizes and on 14th February €105 million came out of the draw and went to 3,485,100 tickets.

It is less money, but be careful with the math: while in the Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Draw, 15% of the ticket holders are awarded, but in the Saint Valentine Special draw, one in 10 tickets are winners.

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