Some say that winning a lottery is pure luck, while others say it is an acquired skill honed over time. In this edition, we are going to offer you tips that will help you understand how to play lotteries better, whilst also talking about what not to do in order to have a greater chance of winning over time the more you play.

Smaller jackpots have more chances

Experience has taught that it is always better to chase the fish rather than the whale. Sure the Powerball may be at its fifth highest jackpot of all time, but the fact that people know that is because it’s being splashed across newspapers and TV screens. The more eyeballs on a game, the more people will play, which means fewer chances to win. To start, always check on the little games first, especially the ones that play often.

Play less popular games to get better odds

Popularity and acclaim means certain games are more likely to be played by many people. The invention of online gaming and Syndicate options allows teams to buy multiple tickets, meaning more hands equal lighter work, but fewer profits. Less popular and even newer games have better odds meaning you as an individual have a greater chance of taking the pot. It is recommended that players wanting to strike out on their own look to smaller lotteries to increase their luck.

Look out for Discounts and Promos

If you play games online it’s always prudent to be aware of special draws that may bring great discounts. Some lotteries offer the chance to get more tickets with a better discount, which means you can double, triple or even quadruple your luck and higher by saving up and buying more. Recommended times to look out for promos are during festive celebrations, during sale times, during major sporting events and on holidays that contain cultural significance, such as Saint Patrick’s day or the 4th of July.

Be careful with “Lucky” numbers

Many people tend to have certain numbers that they rely on for the draw. One of the most popular numbers to play is the number 7, but it doesn’t mean that it appears all that often. A lot of people choose birthday dates to play. If you are a person that does something like that, try and play games where the pool maxes at 31. Playing high reaching lotteries like Mega Millions, where the max number is 70, means you’re missing out on 40 other numbers. Playing years of birth is not recommended overall as most lotteries do not go above 75 numbers.

Check Odds Before Playing

It is always advisable to check the overall odds on a game before playing, rather than focusing on the jackpot. Some games may have enticing prizes, but it’s also good to check lotteries that have a high percentage payout overall. Certain lotteries that are only played once a year generally have a higher prize return as it is considered an event and many people buy tickets. Games especially that are played on major national holidays are widely desired due to the payout rate.

With Lotteries, Use the “eggs in one basket” method

Instead of buying one ticket a week, it is generally a better idea to save for the right moment. The reason for this is the overall odds of winning, the more tickets you buy at once, the more chances you increase in one draw. Not every ticket will be a winner, but overall you have a greater chance of a return on investment.

Avoid Consecutive Numbers

Consecutive numbers are almost non-existent across draws. They are rare enough that when a South African lottery hit the jackpot with a 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 in 2020, it led police to open an investigation into the matter. It’s widely recommended to take a number from a wide range, choosing tens, twenties, thirties, etc and so on so that you have a wider range to pull from.

Player Advice

Having the right knowledge can help your chances to win the lottery. Methods and techniques are recommended after research, and it helps to get knowledge from several sources before you think about playing. Try and find a website that offers a selection of games, but not so much that you cannot decide because it’s like staring at a numbered Chinese menu. It’s also good to check out sites that offer cold and hot number predictions and results and simulate your own to see where your luck falls. Overall don’t feel you need to chase games to win, and never out pay what you play.

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