Happy news in the week of Saint Valentine, the SuperEnalotto, Italy’s most beloved game has finally found itself a winner after almost two years of the jackpot building up. On Thursday night the draw finally came to an end with a new big winner. 

The winning numbers for Thursday 16th February were 1, 38, 47, 52, 56 and 66. The Jolly number was 72. This is the first time since May 2021 that the jackpot for SuperEnalotto has been won. 

The winning ticket was purchased in a bar in the local area of Avellino in the region of Campania. The winning jackpot was worth €371.1M euros. Only a single ticket purchased was able to match all 6 main numbers to get the win. 

The winning ticket was bought in Campania but it actually turned out to be a Syndicate purchase. The group ticket was shared by 80 different people from all over different parts of Italy. The place where the ticket was purchased turned out to have the most winners with 14 of the 90 members. 3 other regions received nine winners each, in Friuli Venezia-Giulia, Sicily and Calabria. Lazio, Lombardy, Marche and Puglia all received seven winners apiece. 

Everywhere in Italy people celebrated the winning jackpot that went across the nation thanks to a Syndicated win. Each lucky winner will receive just over four million euros, which after taxes will be just over three million. Players have 90 days to claim their winnings before the deadline is up. 

The new jackpot for the next draw is worth €54M. Although the game rules for SuperEnalotto state that the minimum jackpot is €2M, due to the two years of reserve funds kept by the multiple rollovers to the SuperEnalotto, the jackpot is significantly higher thanks to the amount of reserve funds allocated to the jackpot for when the numbers are matched. 

SuperEnalotto is won by matching the main six numbers to the winning ticket. The last time SuperEnalotto was won was in May 2021 when a single player bought a winning ticket in Montappone in Fermo, Marche. The jackpot in 2021 totalled €154.9 million and at the time was the fourth biggest jackpot ever seen by this particular game. 

The previous jackpot with the biggest amount totalled €209 million. Won in 2019, the ticket was sold in a bar in Lodi. It was the first time in history that SuperEnalotto had gone over the €200 million mark. 

The ten largest jackpots ever seen by SuperEnalotto can be combined to a net of over €1.777 billion euros. Since its inception in 1997, SuperEnalotto has been creating millionaires all over Italy. 

SuperEnalotto is the largest European lottery ever seen, with a higher jackpot payout than any other game, including EuroMillions. There is no maximum height that SuperEnalotto can reach, meaning that the jackpot can have unlimited potential in how big it can be. 


SuperEnalotto Biggest Jackpots

  1. Avellino 16th February 2023 €371.1 million
  2. Lodi 13th August 2019 €209.1 million
  3. Milan 30th October 2010 €177.7 million
  4. Vibo Valentia 27th October 2016 €163.5 million
  5. Montappone 22nd May 2021 €154.9 million
  6. Bagnone 22nd August 2009 €147.8 million
  7. Pistoia 9th February 2010 €139 million
  8. Caltanissetta 17th April 2018 €130.2 million
  9. Catania 23rd October 2008 €100.7 million
  10. Catania 19th May 2012 €94.8 million

SuperEnalotto jackpots have the potential to start at €2 million and increase every draw until the jackpot is won. If the €54M jackpot is won on Saturday, the reserve will drop down to the minimum jackpot available. If the jackpot continues to rise then the reserve fund will grow with every draw. You can play SuperEnalotto online and win the jackpot by matching all 6 numbers. There are 90 main numbers to choose from in total, plus a lucky Jolly number that is drawn on one of the game nights and can help you win another prize by matching five numbers plus the Jolly. 

SuperEnalotto has been in operation for over 25 years. It replaced the old game, called Enalotto in 1997. Draws for this game are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8:00pm Central Eastern Time. The results can be viewed from 8:20pm online.

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