Exotic holidays, high-performance cars and high-adrenaline pursuits are out, while coastal cottages, campervans and giving back to society are now at the top of the bucket list, according to new UK survey. The survey, carried out by the National Lottery showed 58% of people said they had changed their wish list over time. 

Are you someone who enjoys the finer things in life, or do you prefer a more laid-back lifestyle? In our latest blog, we’re diving into the debate of Supercar vs Caravan, and exploring what your choice of vehicle says about your lifestyle. 

Supercars are the epitome of luxury and speed, and for some, owning one is the ultimate status symbol. But with the rise of conscious consumerism, many are opting for a more practical and sustainable lifestyle, and this is where caravans come in. Caravans are a fantastic way to explore the great outdoors and embrace a more relaxed way of life.

It seems that people are hoping for a gentler, more homely lifestyle if they win the lottery, with many in the survey stating that they would opt for a more laid-back approach to life if they won the lottery, compared to a similar surveys conducted before 2020. 

It’s interesting to see how people’s attitudes towards winning the lottery have changed over the years, especially in light of recent global events. According to a recent survey, it seems that many people are now hoping for a gentler, more homely lifestyle if they were to win the lottery, with a growing number of individuals opting for a more laid-back approach to life.

The pandemic undoubtedly caused many people to re-evaluate their priorities and reassess what’s truly important in life. For some, this means moving away from the traditional view of success, such as owning a flashy car or a big house, and embracing a more simplified and relaxed way of living.

This shift in attitude towards a more laid-back lifestyle is reflected in the results of recent surveys, with more and more people stating that they would prioritize things like travel, family time, and experiences over material possessions if they won the lottery.

It’s not surprising that when asked about how a lottery win would change their lives, a large percentage of people responded that they would prioritize their loved ones’ safety and well-being. According to a recent survey, 46% of respondents said that keeping their nearest and dearest safe would be their top priority if they were to win the lottery.

Reducing stress and worry was also high on the list, with 39% of respondents stating that a lottery win would help them alleviate some of the financial pressures that can often cause stress and anxiety. This is particularly relevant given the current economic climate and the challenges many people are facing due to the pandemic.

Another interesting result from the survey was that a third of respondents said that winning the lottery would help them live a healthier lifestyle. This is perhaps reflective of the growing awareness around health and wellness in recent years, with more and more people recognizing the importance of taking care of their physical and mental well-being.

It’s clear from recent surveys that people are eager to make the most of their free time and pursue their dreams and ambitions. According to a recent survey from the National Lottery, buying a seaside retreat to enjoy sea views was identified as the top bucket list item, with 18% of respondents citing this as their number one dream.

In second place was a garden design project, chosen by 12% of respondents, highlighting the growing interest in gardening and outdoor living. Similarly, a significant number of respondents said they would like to quit the rat race and buy a country retreat, reflecting a desire for a more relaxed and fulfilling lifestyle.

For those who enjoy travel and adventure, investing in a campervan to explore the British Isles was also a popular choice, with 11% of respondents indicating this as a top bucket list item. And for those who prefer indoor activities, learning and education were also highly valued, with 10% of respondents wanting to improve their cooking and baking skills and 9% wanting to learn another language for future foreign travel experiences.


A notable feature of the survey was how much people wanted to give back to society. It’s clear that people are not just focused on their own personal dreams and ambitions, but also have a strong desire to give back to society. According to a recent survey, a notable feature was the number of respondents who expressed an interest in volunteering for a local charity or good cause, with 7% citing this as a top bucket list item.

Furthermore, when asked how they would spend a hypothetical £15 million jackpot, 15% of respondents said they would make a significant donation to charity or a good cause. Despite challenges, people have not lost sight of the importance of community and social responsibility. The survey results demonstrate that many people are looking for ways to contribute positively to society and make a meaningful impact, whether that’s through volunteering, charitable giving, or other forms of social engagement.

Survey of lottery bucket list top 10:

  1. Buying a seaside retreat
  2. Redesigning the garden
  3. Buying a home in the countryside
  4. Buying a hot tub for the garden
  5. Buying a campervan to explore the UK
  6. Learn how to cook and bake
  7. Starting a new business
  8. A drive-in cinema experience or garden pub/bar

The survey results of the top 10 bucket list items indicate a change of direction for many lottery winners. It seems that people have a wide range of aspirations and desires, ranging from purchasing property and investing in outdoor living spaces to pursuing personal and professional development opportunities.

Buying a seaside retreat was identified as the top bucket list item, followed by redesigning the home garden or buying a home in the countryside. Other popular items included buying a hot tub for the garden, investing in a campervan to explore the UK, and learning how to cook and bake.

Starting a new business was also cited as a top bucket list item, indicating that many people are interested in pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities and achieving financial independence. Finally, a drive-in cinema experience or garden pub/bar rounded out the top 10, reflecting a desire for unique and creative ways to enjoy leisure time and socialize with friends and family.

Overall, the survey results highlight the diverse range of aspirations and goals that people have, and demonstrate the importance of pursuing personal passions and investing in activities that bring joy and fulfillment to life.


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