The South African Powerball lottery stunned everyone last week by drawing a very interesting string of numbers during their usual live draw.

In odds of 42,375,200, the numbers 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and bonus number 10 were pulled live on air on Tuesday 1st December draw. South Africa Lottery later announced on Twitter that 20 millionaires had been made from the once in a lifetime draw. Each winner will take home over 5 million Rand (£249,763).

Unsurprisingly, some couldn’t believe such a combination could happen without foul play, with many South Africans taking to social media to allege the results were fraudulent.

South Africa’s National Lotteries Commission said it would investigate the unusual results of the draw in due course.

What do you think about these odds? Do you suspect foul play or is it simply an amazing coincidence? Let us know if you’d ever play these numbers!




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