The December EuroMillions jackpot keeps getting bigger and bigger! Will you be the one to snag the top prize Tonight?

Get in the know with all the latest news and facts on EuroMillions this Friday! Play to Win at All The Best Lottos!

This week’s Hot Numbers!

14 – 15 – 50 – 38 – 5 + Lucky Stars *2* *11*

This week’s Cold Numbers!

8 – 26 – 48 – 13 -18 + Lucky Stars *6* *10*


Number Facts!

Hot Seat

  • 23 is the most seen number so far since EuroMillions began!
  • 5 is the most popular number this year so far!
  • 31 is the most popular number in December!
  • 14 is currently the hottest number to play!

Cold Seat

  • 46 has only been seen 113 times since EuroMillions began!
  • 48 is the least seen number this year, with only two drawings in 2020!
  • 33 is the unluckiest number for December!
  • 48 is the coldest number to play!
  • 26 is the least likely number you’ll see. We haven’t seen this little guy in 47 draws!

3 Big EuroMillions facts that every lotto player should know!

  1. Drawings for EuroMillions are held every Tuesday and Friday evening at 8:45 pm CET
  2. The first ever UK EuroMillions Jackpot winner won £16.7 million on 8th April 2004.
  3. EuroMillions also holds Super Draws and Event Draws regularly, often worth €100,000,000!

Important News you should know about EuroMillions!

As of 4th February 2020, the rules regarding the EuroMillions jackpot have changed.

The new jackpot cap will be €200 million euros but that will not be the largest amount that the first prize can reach in the future. ⬇

If the jackpot gets to €200 million euros the cycle can last for five draws. If there are no winners on 5th draw the jackpot is paid out to the next tier. ⬇

For the next cycle, the maximum jackpot will be set to €210,000,000 (an increase of €10,000,000). If there are no winners on 5th draw the jackpot is paid out to the next tier. ⬇

This process will continue, and every cycle will see an increase of €10,000,000 with a 5 draw chance to win. ⬇

The new final jackpot cap will be 250 million euros.




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