Have you ever wanted to own a piano made entirely of crystal? Perhaps you need some luxury ice-cubes to go in that lemonade?

Your own private island
Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. Forget the crowds, the busy beaches and the fuss of hotels and booking. You need somewhere you can call all your own, and now you’re flush with lottery cash, you can!

Private Islands Inc has you covered, with about 700 islands for sale and 300 for rent. Most of the islands pricetags are only available on request, but you do have the option to buy readily equipped islands or start from scratch.

Your own private island


Luxury Ice Cubes
Sometimes we need more from our ice cubes. One company in California is one step ahead of you. Gläce Luxury Ice Co sells “luxury” ice cubes for £235 per order of 50 ice cubes. That’s £4.70 per ice cube!

The company sports its price tag with pride, commenting that their cooling cubes are “purified of minerals, additives and other pollutants that may contaminate the taste of premium spirits and drinks.”

The company sells both cube and sphere shapes that take between 15 to 40 minutes to completely melt, depending on your beverage preferences.

A subscription to Gläce Luxury Ice Co costs $1,100 a year and includes one case of Gläce Luxury Ice four times a year along with special offers and official Gläce gear.

A piano made entirely of crystal
You need a new hobby, but you also want everyone to know that you recently won the lottery! How about a crystal piano?

Although it’s not made from actual crystal, the “crystal pianos” are fortified in lucite alloy and the piano itself is formed as one piece from scratch. Lucite pianos are transparent, giving them a glass-like look, but are extremely durable and can withstand intense pressure and even bullets!

Crystal pianos start at around £108,000 but can reach up into the millions. One was even featured at the Beijing Olympic games, before being sold for £2.3M at auction. Because of the complexity and expensive material required to make each instrument, only 2-5 pianos can be made per year by a manufacturer.

A 16ft luxury “glamping” tent
You’ve been cooped up too long after that lottery win and you need to get back out there and reconnect with nature. But not so much that it becomes a chore.

“Glamping” is the latest in luxury outdoor recreation and has caught on massively over the last few years. Although most “glampers” like to rent their luxury tents instead of buying, what upstanding person really wants to sleep in a luxury tent that you know has been used before?

Never fear! Instead, for the low price of £4350, you can camp out in style with your very own “Milky Way Geodesic Dome” made by Redwood Outdoors. For an additional £2000, you can also bundle in a wood stove and a solar fan!

A golden “Niagara” chandelier
No lottery winner’s home is complete without a chandelier. The Niagara Golden Luster ceiling lamp is 3 metres tall and contains hundreds of handcrafted, gold winged fairies that hang on multiple fibre optic cables, producing a combined subtle light that cascades downward. The ceiling decoration is made by Spanish luxury jewellery and porcelain company Lladro. Each piece is set at £83,000.

A golden “Niagara” chandelier


A Zero Gravity Massage Chair
And once you’ve installed your staggering 3M tall ceiling lamp you are definitely going to need to sit down and relax. The Infinity Massage company has you covered in that department. For a mere £8.700 you can enjoy your very own home zero gravity Imperial massaging experience. With chair massaging features such as “kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu and sync.” The chair also boasts an air Ionizer, lumbar heat, reflexology and calf-kneading massage therapy. It comes in both black and brown.

Your very own custom-built yacht
Luxury product company Stuart Hughes recently built a custom-tailored yacht valued at roughly £3M. The yacht took three years to make and boasts a total 100,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum, with walls featuring fragments of meteorite and T-Rex dinosaur bone. The yacht said to be one of the most expensive custom models ever made.

A 24-carat gold loo roll
An Australian toilet paper supplying company unveiled their most expensive product yet. – A Quality 3ply toilet paper with 24-carat gold weaved through the roll. Every purchase also comes with a free bottle of champagne, but considering a single roll is valued at almost £1M perhaps you deserve something for free after spending that much money. The company is quoted saying

As you use the toilet paper 24 carat gold flakes will fall onto the floor and your behind taking you to another level of sophistication.

Talk about literally flushing your money down the toilet.

An acre of moon space
Can anyone really own the moon? Apparently, the answer is yes! LunarLand, “Earth’s oldest, most recognised celestial real estate agency” has been selling off strips of moon space to potential moon owners for far less than you’d think! Starting at $29.95 you too can own a piece of the moon, along with a certificate of land ownership. The next thing you are going to need to do to capitalise on your investment is to book a first-class ticket on one of Elon Musk’s Space X shuttles.



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