The lottery is a game of chance in which you can participate by buying a ticket to a draw. This game can be fun and a great adventure if you win. But like practically everything in this world, there are always other sides to the story. But is the lottery good or bad to play and are you doing it correctly? Let’s find out!

Throughout life, almost everyone has participated in a game of chance at some point. At least, that is what certain studies have revealed in which it has been discovered that eight out of ten people globally between the ages of 18 and 75 play a game at least once a year. That number becomes higher in Asia, where there is a gambling problem in the population. By contrast, countries with fairer lotteries are more likely to have regular players that are not addicted to winning because they just play because of the joy of gaming with neighbours and friends. In Spain, about 72% of the population plays the lottery, and about 70% of lottery tickets sold win a prize in Spain so it’s a very equal system. It’s important to remember with games in Spain, even if you don’t win, you could always get a “refund” ticket where your money is returned to you, so you don’t even lose anything, making Spanish games incredibly generous!

Of course, although most everyone has played the lottery once, experts also know that buying too many lottery tickets can harm the economic stability of a household because there are priorities and needs that must be focused on above entertainment. As the phrase goes, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. Hence, when playing it’s always good to remember it’s a game, not a goal to achieve.

It is good when you buy ONE ticket when you play the lottery, and maybe if you’re a fan you should play once every so often, for example, every 14 days or once a month. This way, if someone wishes to get into a draw they can afford it, because they have the money saved and available, so the purchase is not at the expense of other important priorities in life.

One good way to think about playing the lottery is to think about it when others are not, by which I mean, find the right time to play. It’s true that when a big game like Mega Millions reaches a certain amount, everybody goes mad and buys a whole bunch of tickets. But you should be aware that this is the absolute worst time to play, as the odds to win are lower because so many people are buying tickets. Instead of playing only when the jackpot is high, it’s recommended that you do the opposite and play lower jackpots or even smaller games, like Loto France or Thunderball with a jackpot total of £500,000 thousand pounds. By playing smaller games, you’re not only increasing your odds but guaranteeing that any big prize you make will not be shared (Thunderball jackpots are always the same to all winners, showing fairness in players).

If more than one ticket is purchased because the person states that he does not have faith in himself, then it becomes not a game, but a problem. It’s paramount to remember that the lottery is not a future investment, it is a game like placing a bet on some cards or on a horse at the races. It’s a way to feel genuine excitement in the moment, but not winning should not feel like a lack of success for a player, because they played the game and they have the sportsmanship to concede and be happy for others. To really have fun, many people turn to forecasts and probabilities, look to the stars or keep the faith and play the same numbers over time.

If someone wants to buy a lottery ticket, that’s fine, but if someone is always buying into many draws every day, that could lead to a gambling problem. Have confidence that if the prize is yours, it will come, so be patient and don’t put all your eggs in one basket, or count or winnings before they hatch. You can continue your daily life and enjoy the game, be at peace with your family, stay happy, and save your money for the right time knowing that you will win when the time is right, so don’t force it.

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