At All The Best Lottos we know that for every task you complete in a day, there are probably five more lurking in the back of your mind. Washing up ✅ Clothes in the machine ✅ Food Shopping ✅ What else? Ah, shoot! Forgot to buy my weekly ticket! ❌😭

That’s why our lotto experts decided to launch Lotto Bundles!

With Bundles, there’s no need to worry about buying lottery tickets daily when you can buy all-in-one, for up to sixteen weeks! That’s four whole months of winnings! ✅✅✅✅ 😍! Time to tick buying lotto tickets off your daily checklist!

With lotto bundles at All The Best, there’s no need to worry about when or where you bought your ticket, or the need to spend your day checking all those lotto results by hand! When the results for your chosen ATBL draws are confirmed, you’ll receive a notification email in both your inbox and your ATBL account, and any winnings will be paid directly into your account.

To make things even better, if your numbers have struck gold, your personal account manager will also phone you in person to let you know the great news!

So if you hate the chore of buying lotto tickets daily, OR if you’re a forgetful Freddy or Frannie and simply forget to stock up when you go to the shop, head on over to our Latest Lotto Bundles to find out more!

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