When you win the lottery, it feels like something out of a movie. But once you win, what exactly are you going to do with it all? A great vacation here, maybe some new designer clothing there, but what about something that says more about you as a winner? Why not focus your efforts on obtaining a sweet new ride, or even that amazing classic car you’ve already had your eye on since you were a kid?

Any auto aficionado who enters the lottery will be thinking about which cars they would buy as they wait for the results. Considering the amount of truly incredible vehicles of the past, present and even the near future we have always wished for, it can be a difficult decision to handle. Do you buy a vintage or a hot-rod? Do you say one is enough, or do you need to build a bigger garage?

Exotic automobiles are one of the most beautiful and practical options for many lottery winners. They have that badge of pride that can be fleeting when thinking about dream holiday destinations or keeping up with the latest fashion and styles. With a plethora of super-charged cars, one of a kind models, and racing sports cars to choose from, lotto winners must determine which vehicle best portrays their newly minted personality, would they go flash, or go home?

The Lottery Winners and What They Bought

Lisa & John Robinson – Tesla Model S

The US Powerball jackpot rolled over to a mind-boggling $1.58 billion (£1.15 billion) in January 2016, which was split among three winning tickets. Lisa and John Robinson took home a third of the share, an incredible $245.85 million (£178.29 million) after a 25% tax deduction and their decision to take a lump-sum settlement rather than instalments. Lisa paid £73,990 for a gold Tesla Model S and £50,000 for a GMC Yukon Denali.

The Tesla Model S is an all-electric luxury car that has made electric vehicle ownership incredibly desirable over the past decade. It remains the leader in its field, selling in high numbers despite strong competition.

Gillian Bayford – Bentley

Adrian and Gillian Bayford won a record-breaking £148 million EuroMillions jackpot in 2012, putting them among the top five EuroMillions jackpot winners of all time. Gillian went on to acquire a fleet of cars, including a pristine £150,000 Bentley Bentayga.

Simon Fagan – Second-hand Kia

In 2013, Simon Fagan won £3 million on the Irish Lotto. Although some may decide to splash out on a new ride, Simon chose a different path, electing to buy a used Kia instead. It is acceptable that the man only learned to drive after winning the lottery.

Ben Woods – Range Rover

Ben Woods won pounds 2.5m on the national lottery back in 2004 but didn’t let it go to his head. The football fanatic, just 23 at the time, baulked at the insurance cost a BMW purchase would cost him.

“My dad would not let me get it. Mind you, I do think pounds 8, 000 a year for insurance is ridiculous. It is just a joke.”

So instead, Ben bought himself a Range Rover and bought his parents a Honda. Ben’s mother repaid the gift by buying him a personalised number plate for Christmas.

John and Patricia Gill – White Jaguar

John and Patricia won £1 million on the national lottery on Christmas day in 2015. They didn’t realise they were holding the winning ticket until boxing day, when John decided to check the winning ticket. John confessed when speaking to lottery officials that he had always wanted a jaguar in white. Although the model isn’t known. John and Patricia, along with a lot of the other lottery winners, have given up their time to support a number of different charities and causes after their win.

Tom Naylor – Aston Martin DB9

Tom Naylor won £15.5 million with his wife back in 2001. The 62-year-old owns six racing cars and has built six separate garages for them. Tom’s collection includes a Mustang V8, an Aston Martin DB9 and a Jaguar XJ220. Overall, the cars combined value reaches just over £1 million.

Luxury cars at affordable prices. Not all of these makes and models might be on a lottery winner’s wish list, but each vehicle has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. And if you don’t win the jackpot or become a millionaire someday, there are cars that will make you look stylish and wealthy without costing a fortune.



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