Winners across Spain are celebrating the results of the ‘El Gordo’ Christmas lottery this week. The world-famous lottery handed out over €2.4 billion in prizes this year. Check out the biggest numbers below.

We tell you the places awarded first prize in the Christmas Lottery draw, 22nd December 2021.

After 3 hours of waiting, It was not until 12:15 p.m. that the first prize of the most anticipated lottery draw appeared this year, making it one of the most thrilling draws ever seen. The Jackpot of the Christmas Lottery 2021 is number 86148 and has been sold in various areas. Each winning tenth is awarded €400,000 (€328,000 after taxes) and has been won in four locations.

The towns that won the first prize in the Lottery Draw were Madrid, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Santoña (Cantabria) and Ayamonte (Huelva). The Christmas Draw gave out 2,408 million euros in prizes, the same figure as last year. As with each annual draw, 70% of the funding is allocated to prizes, to ensure that the 100,000 numbers reach an issue of 3,440 million euros for every top prize winner.

A little after 11 a.m, the second prize had been called out: 72199. The third prize was called an hour later: 19517.

Locations where 86148 has played, Gordo de Navidad 2021

  • Madrid, Administration 458. 129 Series. Atocha Station (Ave Zone) L-3
  • Las Palmas Gc, Administration 54. 40 Series. Cc El Mirador, Highway Gc-1 Km 5 Lk1
  • Santoña (Cantabria), Administration 1. 1 Series. Cervantes, 5
  • Ayamonte (Huelva), Administration 2. 1 Series. Anguishes, 1
  • Madrid, Administration 267. 1 Series. Toledo, 143

The Extraordinary Draw of the Christmas Lottery 2021 results contain the following winning numbers:

  • First prize ‘El Gordo’: 86148 (€400,000 per tenth)
  • Second prize: 72119 (€125,000 per tenth)
  • Third prize: 19517 (€50,000 per tenth)
  • Fourth prizes: 42833, 91179 (€20,000 per tenth)
  • Fifth prizes: 92052, 70316, 26711, 24198, 69457, 89053, 34345, 89109 (€6,000 per tenth)



The Hundreds: the winning numbers that begin with like hundreds the numbers that start with: 195, 428, 721, 861 or 911.

The Last Numbers: the numbers that end in: 17, 19 and 48.

The Pedrea: the 1,794 numbers sung during the pedrea are awarded 1,000 euros each.



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