A viral Facebook post about an incident involving lottery tickets stuck under a car tire outside a store in Lehigh County, Pennslyvania, has been confirmed by police.

Township police on Tuesday said they were investing a single incident described in a Facebook post. A woman reported finding lottery tickets underneath her car tires in the parking lot of a Rite Aid, police said.

When the woman bent over to look at the tickets, she believed she saw a man walking quickly toward her, so she quickly got into her vehicle and drove away, police reported.

On Friday, police said they were able to confirm the incident in the Facebook post, as well as a second similar incident in the same parking lot.

Both incidents were during the day and both involved women drivers; no one was attacked or assaulted, police said.

In the second incident, police said the woman saw lottery tickets near her car but did not see anyone walking toward her.

Police said they plan to increase patrols in commercial parking lots in the area, and the department’s crime division has begun investigating.

Lt. Peter Nickischer said in a Facebook post that police were not sharing the information to cause panic but to remind residents to take precautions in commercial areas.


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