Play the all-new SuperEnalotto today for your chance to grab a slice of this Italian lifestyle! 

What does “SuperEnalotto” mean?

The game name is a composition of ENAL and Lotto. ENAL stands for Ente nazionale assistenza lavoratori (the National Workers Assistance Body), the union that originally ran the Italian game.

In 1997, lottery licensee SISAL modified the ‘Enalotto’ lottery to create the game SuperEnalotto.

The amazing history of SuperEnalotto
First appearing over 70 years ago, the originally named ‘Enalotto’ was rumoured to be first conceived by Florentine resident Dante Benedetti in 1949, but unfortunately, he did not have the money to register the idea and is not credited as the founder of this lottery. SuperEnalotto’s official creator was named Rodolfo Molo, former president of SISAL and son of Geo Molo, who was also one of the inventors of the Totocalcio, a football betting pool.

Until late June 2009, all seven lotto numbers were taken from famous cities around Italy. Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Rome and Venice (in that order). Venice was used to draw the “Jolly” number. The system was changed due to complications that would result in duplicate numbers, which made it impossible to win the jackpot.

SuperEnalottos Winning History

After more than one year of rollovers, the biggest SuperEnalotto jackpot prize ever totalled €209,160,441 million (£179,553,044) on 13th August 2019. The winning ticket was sold at a bar in Lodi to an unknown patron after they purchased the ticket from the bar’s lotto machine, using a ‘Quick Pick’ play. It is the biggest European jackpot to go to a single ticket.

The second-biggest single-ticket jackpot won €177.7 million (£152.55 million) after more than 8 months of rollovers. The jackpot was split by a syndicate of 70 winners on 30th October 2010. After taxes, each person took home €2,538,986.33 (£2,175,249.97)

The third-highest single-ticket jackpot won €163,538,706 million (£140,110,075) on 27th October 2016 in Vibo Valentia after a year-long wait for the numbers to come up.

Results of the last SuperEnalotto draw!
15 – 28 – 30 – 52 – 75 – 86 + Jolly 37

Today’s Hot Numbers!
13 – 28 – 43 – 52 – 72 – 77 + Jolly 29

Today’s Cold Numbers!
17 – 23 – 24 – 55 – 67 – 74 + Jolly 72


What is “The Jolly” number?

The Jolly number is the seventh number to be drawn in a SuperEnalotto draw and is designed to give a boost to any player that wins the second tier SuperEnalotto prize. The Jolly number cannot be chosen when picking your numbers, nor does it appear on your lottery ticket. Instead, you match it using your existing numbers when the draw results are announced.

Let’s take the latest SuperEnalotto draw result as an example of how you win with the Jolly number.

The latest result was:

15 – 28 – 30 – 52 – 75 – 86 + Jolly 37

Let’s say you had a ticket and were able to match 5 of those numbers. Eg, you matched:

15 – 28 – XX – 52 – 75 – 86

This means you won the second tier prize! BUT, if you check your numbers again, you see that there was an extra number that you didn’t check:

15 – 28 – 37 – 52 – 75 – 86 | It’s the Jolly number!

So now, on top of your second-tier prize, you also win a whole lot more!


SuperEnalotto facts you should know

The minimum jackpot for SuperEnalotto is €2 million and increase every draw until the jackpot is won!

When you buy a ticket with SuperEnalotto, you are helping support children’s education, the arts, sport and science!

The overall odds of winning a prize on SuperEnalotto are approx 1 in 20.

Draws take place in Rome at 8 pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The SuperEnalotto contains 6 numbers from 1 to 90!


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