It’s an All American Friday folks! Are you ready to win it big with Mega Millions? Before you play those numbers, let’s see the hottest lottery news from Mega Millions this week!

This week’s Hot Numbers!
27 – 44 – 57 – 64 – 20 + Megaball 7

This week’s Cold Numbers!
1 – 65 – 5 – 40 – 12 + Megaball 18

Number Facts!

Hot Seat

31 is the most seen number so far since Mega Millions began!

44 is the most popular number this year so far!

10 is the most popular number in December!

61 is currently the hottest number to play!

Cold Seat

65 has only been seen 30 times since Powerball began!

1 is the least seen number for both this year and the last, with only 2 draws in 2020 and 2 draws in 2019!

66 is the unluckiest number for December!

1 is the coldest number to play, followed by 65

We haven’t seen the number 51 in over 50 draws!


5 Massive Mega Millions facts that will kick start your weekend!

Every single US state has had a Mega Millions Jackpot winner!

The first Mega Millions game ever played back in 2002 resulted in a jackpot win of $28 million!

Drawings for Mega Millions are held every Tuesday and Friday evening at 11:00 pm EST

5 people have won Mega Millions so far this year! With a grand payout total of $881 million dollars!

The biggest Mega Millions jackpot ever was worth an amazing $1.537 billion dollars!



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