We know that there are many ways to learn how to improve your personal finances, including hitting the books, news blogs and online courses. However, have you ever considered that perhaps your television could teach you a money trick or two?

At All The Best, we checked out the best TV series you should really be watching to stay in the game when it comes to making money, including some shows that show exactly what NOT to do. Here is a list of documentaries, series, and miniseries that you need to watch if you love making money! 

1. The Profit (Reality TV Series, 2013 – Now)
IMDb rating- 8.3/10

If you are thinking about starting a business or trying to improve the one you already own, you could learn a thing or two from CNBC’s “The Profit.” The American documentary-style reality show is hosted by multimillionaire CEO Marcus Lemonis, who talks to the owners of struggling businesses from Italian restaurants (S7E01) to furniture makers (S3E06).

After learning about the business in question at the start of each episode, Lemonis decides whether to invest $2M in exchange for an ownership stake. He then proceeds to revamp said business in ways that don’t always thrill the on-screen owners. But beyond all the reality show drama is a wealth of useful information about what it takes for a small business to succeed, and how important it is to always look for ways to improve your business model, even if you’re currently financially successful.

Where to Watch The Profit (2013): Sky TV, Youtube Paid subscription, CNBC, Peacock Streaming Service

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2. Evil Genius (TV Miniseries, 2018)
IMDb rating- 7.5/10

If you love money, but you also love true crime and high-stakes documentaries then this is your perfect Friday night in. “The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist” is a four-part miniseries that documents the true-life story of the “Pizza Bomber Heist” and the subsequent FBI investigation into the strange collection of subjects that amass during the aftermath.

Robbing a bank is a crime so we don’t recommend you do that to become a millionaire, chances are you won’t be rich for very long.

Where to Watch Evil Genius (2018): Netflix

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Droppin’ Cash: Los Angeles (Reality TV Series, 2018 - Now)

3. Droppin’ Cash: Los Angeles (Reality TV Series, 2018 – Now)
IMDb rating- 3.5/10

If you’ve ever been staring up at the ceiling late at night and thought “I wonder what celebrities do with their money” Then you finally have an answer to that question.

Droppin’ Cash: Los Angeles is an American reality TV series that was released in 2018. The series features musicians, athletes, and influencers in Los Angeles going on crazy shopping sprees and spending hundreds, or thousands of dollars.

It is a truly fascinating take to see what people do when they have an endless supply of money. Personally, I can’t imagine doing anything except investing if I won the lottery, but I guess you never really know what you’ll do with infinite money until you have the chance.

Where to Watch Droppin’ Cash: Los Angeles (2018): Netflix


4. Money Heist (TV Series, 2017 – Now)
IMDb rating- 8.3/10

Money Heist or La Casa de Papel (The House of Paper) is a Spanish crime drama, told in a real-time-like fashion and relies on flashbacks, time-jumps, hidden character motivations. If you love action and fast-paced television, this series has it all, including an elusive narrator, criminal masterminds, the wealthiest banks in Spain and €2.4 billion euros!

Where to Watch Money Heist (2017): Netflix

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 Narcos (TV Series, 2015 - 2017)

5. Narcos (TV Series, 2015 – 2017)
IMDb rating- 8.8/10

You can’t talk about money without thinking about all the dirty money that exists behind the scenes. Narcos takes a look at the criminal exploits of drug lord Pablo Escobar, the most ruthless, most corrupt and most successful billionaire ever seen in Latin America, as well as the many other drug cartels that plagued Colombia’s streets in the 90s, following in Escobar’s footsteps.

Where to Watch Narcos (2015): Netflix


6. Billions (TV Series, 2016 – Now)
IMDb rating- 8.4/10

TV series Billions features the true story of U.S. attorney Preet Bharara, a federal prosecutor responsible for putting hundreds of Wall Street brokers behind bars for insider trading and defrauding investors. The series is based on the investigation of hedge fund manager Steven A. Cohen of SAC Capital.

Bharara is an underrated figure in modern history, despite spending decades fighting against corruption and organised crime. The attorney was fired in 2017 when Wall Street businessman Donald Trump, came into power as the 45th US president.

Where to Watch Billions (2016): Amazon Prime, Youtube, Google Play


The China Hustle (Documentary, 2017)

7. The China Hustle (Documentary, 2017)
IMDb rating- 7.2/10

If you are looking to understand more about how investments and the stock market works, this 2-hour documentary paints a clear and somewhat eye-opening picture of how investment firms around the world took advantage of unsuspecting American investors and fed them lies to persuade said investors to funnel millions into worthless stocks on defunct businesses.

In 2008 a scheme between US-based Wall Street investment firms and companies operating in China chanced upon the idea of selling “opportunities” to unsuspecting American investors who wanted to get rich by investing in Asian economic growth. If you are into real-life stories about Wall Street corruption, this is one documentary you do not want to miss.

Where to Watch The China Hustle (2017): Netflix

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Dirty Money

8. Dirty Money (Documentary TV series, 2018 – Now)
IMDb rating- 8.1/10

Netflix is positively awash with documentaries, and this TV series exposing malpractice and corruption is definitely one to watch if you like keeping up with what companies are really up to when it comes to both their customers and their practices. The show exposes well-known brands like Volkswagen, HSBC, and Wells Fargo of corruption, fraud and on one occasion illegal gold mining.

Unlike your average TV series, this docu-series portrays one case per episode, which means you can skip chapters that you feel may not be of interest.

Where to Watch Dirty Money: Netflix


9. Betting On Zero (Documentary, 2016)
IMDb rating- 7.2/10

The 2016 documentary follows hedge fund manager Bill Ackman as he attempts to expose Herbalife, a company that develops and sells dietary supplements, as the largest pyramid scheme in history.

The documentary covers Mr Ackman’s hedge fund, Pershing Capital Management, which bet $1 billion against Herbalife stock in efforts to label the corporation as an illegal pyramid scheme. Herbalife did not participate in the documentary.

Where to Watch Betting on Zero: Youtube, Amazon Prime, Google Play


 Good Girls (TV Series 2018 - Now)

10. Good Girls (TV Series 2018 – Now)
IMDb rating- 7.8/10

If you’re looking for something with a little bit more heart at its centre after watching all those corruption laden documentaries, you could always turn your attention to Good Girls.

This show first aired in 2018 and follows three suburban mums, two of whom are sisters, who are having a difficult time getting by with the rough economical times we live in.

In order to get the money needed to pay off life’s debts, the threesome rob a local supermarket, not knowing that the money they stole was being laundered by a local crime syndicate. In an effort to conceal their misdeeds, the women agree to launder money for the gang in exchange for a small cut of the profits.

Where to Watch Good Girls: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Google Play


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