One year on, France is still celebrating the biggest win their lottery has ever seen. We checked in on the anniversary to see how the new famous millionaire is getting on after 365 days of riches.

After one year, we know more about the lucky winner of the record lottery jackpot of €30 million euros. After playing Loto France on the 4th December draw in 2021, the resident from Brittany tells more about his winning story. 

It is exceptional these numbers and this particular ticket collected 30 million euros as such a sum had never been won since the creation of this lottery in 1975!

Our winner in question is sixty-one years old and bought his ticket in in Ille-et-Vilaine while on a business trip. For more than seven days he was away from home, according to a press release from the French lottery operator. During that time the winning ticket travelled with him in his luggage. We also learned that at one point the bag with the lucky ticket went missing entirely! The winner comments:

“I misplaced my bag at a restaurant during my stay and had to send a taxi to retrieve it. At the time, I did not know that my ticket was the winner. I never would have imagined that my satchel contained 30 million euros!”, ~ Loto France Winner.

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The happy millionaire comes from a “modest” family. After many years working in various companies and feeling undervalued, he set up his own firm and gained self made success, he tells the French Operator.

“I fell very low but I always fought to come back up. I come from an environment where I had to overcome and I did so.” ~ Loto France Winner.

Although he became a millionaire overnight, his plans have nothing to do with settling down. When asked about what’s next, he comments that he wishes to continue to be work and life active and look into new things.

“I always have lots of projects, this gain will allow me to carry them out more quickly,” ~ Loto France Winner.

Before striking it rich our anonymous winner said he was an occasional player who always played the same numbers. On Saturday 4th December he played his numbers a final time without knowing that he would go on to win the historic jackpot. 

His numbers: 5 – 18 – 23 – 34 – 44 & bonus 5.

The last time Loto France reached the highest jackpot was on 11th September 2021 valued at €26 million. It is not often that the jackpot exceeds €20 million euros as it is a popular game with good odds to win. The jackpot can rollover up to 34 times before being distributed to the highest winning tier. This means if you do the math, you don’t need to hit all the numbers to win the jackpot, as long as you play on draw 34. Overall chances of winning any French Loto prize are around 1 in 6.

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Here are the Biggest Winners in Loto France History

Our Records –

Biggest Ever: The Loto winnings record is €30 million, won on the 4th of December 2021. The winner lives in the northwest of France.

The following list shows the five largest French Lotto wins in history (1997, 2011, 2014 & 2021)

1. €30 million, 4th December 2021 – Anonymous winner living in Ille-et-Vilaine.

2. €26 million, 11th September 2021- Anonymous winner living in the West of France. It is also the biggest winner online to date.

3. €24 million, 6th June 2011 – ticket validated in Sarcelles.

4. €23 million, 19th May 2014 – Anonymous winning couple living in Libourne.

5. €22.9 million, (150 million Francs) 20th March 1997 (SuperLoto Draw) ticket validated at Asnières lottery office.

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