Go French this Monday with the €19M Loto France Jackpot!

Go French this Monday with the €19M Loto France Jackpot!

Loto France is the shining star this Monday, with a brand new €19M euro jackpot up for grabs! Check out Bonoloto and Loto France right now for a chance to win! See our top picks for today’s hot and cold numbers!

Tonight’s Loto France jackpot is €19 Million! See our Loto France News and Numbers!

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Results of the last Loto France draw!

2 - 4 - 16 - 19 - 22 + Bonus 5

Today’s Hot Numbers for Loto France!

15 - 19 - 26 - 35 - 43 + Bonus 2

Today’s Cold Numbers for Loto France!

10 - 14 - 23 - 25 - 33 + Bonus 6

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5 Fabulous Loto France facts you should know!

  1. The Loto France jackpot starts at €2 Million and increases by €1 Million every rollover!

  2. The Loto France jackpot can rollover a maximum of 34 times!

  3. The first Loto France draw was held on Wednesday 19th May 1976, at the Théâtre de l'Empire, in Paris.

  4. Drawings for Loto France are held every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evening at 7:35 pm GMT

  5. The biggest Loto France jackpot was won in 2011, worth €24M!